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Skinning Nova - CSS

A primer on how Nova skin CSS files are organized.

Stylesheets within skins can vary greatly between skin authors, but they can usually be found in a global folder or within one of the specific section folders. Each skin generally comes with five CSS files:

  • main.css – the file that each template page calls; for simplicity this contains links to the other CSS files in the directory
  • skin.css – a stylesheet responsible for the visual elements of the skin such as color, fonts, and more
  • structure.css – a stylesheet responsible for the low level structural elements of a skin such as margins, paddings, and more
  • jquery.ui.tabs.css – a stylesheet that contains styles for the skin's tabs (used in places like the home page and the writing dashboard among other places)
  • jquery.ui.theme.css – a stylesheet that provides support for jQuery UI themes

When it comes to modifying the skin's CSS files, the easiest way to do so is with a text editor. If you download your entire skin to a folder on your computer and then open the entire folder in the text editor, you'll be able to find what you're looking for a lot easier and even be able to do things like find and replace when you're changing colors or values.