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Features - post types

Control the content users post into stories.

Up until now, Nova has hard-coded the different kinds of posts users can make. For many years that's been mission posts, personal logs, and news items. GMs and users have wanted to have more control over these things and Nova 3 delivers that with a powerful new feature: post types.

For GMs, post types represent a brand-new way to control the different types of content that can be added to a story. On top that, post types allow for configuring that content in ways that work best for their game; everything from choosing what fields are displayed (and whether those fields require a value or not) to customizing whether specific types of post should be included in post tracking to restricting certain post types only to users with a specific role.

For users, this provides the option to choose what kind of content they want to post into the story. Because of the flexibility that post types offers, personal logs are finally being brought into the context of the story being told instead of being handled completely separately.


  • Create as many post types as you want
  • Duplicate post types to make fine-grained changes to the type of content you want users to be able to post
  • Set the order post types appear in wth drag-n-drop reordering
  • Choose an accent color and icon to represent the post type
  • Flag content as being in character or out of character (on the public-facing site, only in character content will appear)
  • Specify which fields are used for specific types of content (title, location, day, time, content, rating, summary)
  • Specify whether fields are required to have a value or not
  • Mark specific post types as being included in post tracking or not
  • Set whether a post type can have multiple authors or not
  • Restrict use of post types to users with specific roles
  • Restrict viewing drafts of post types to users with specific roles
  • Customize whether posting specific content sends out a notification or not