Nova 3
Feature Preview


We've re-thought how storytelling works in Nova and created a system that's incredibly flexible to give you and your writes the ability to tell stories the way you want.

The timeline

Tell stories in whatever order you want, but keep them in the correct place in your game's timeline

Stories inside stories

Nest stories inside other stories for the freedom to organize your stories however you want

Add posts anywhere in the story

Writers have the freedom to add a post exactly where it should be in the story's timeline

All-new authoring experience

A brand-new rich authoring experience allows writers to focus on the most important parts of writing

Post ratings & warnings

Rate the content of a post and show warnings to readers when it contains certains kinds of mature content

No character needed

Easily write one-off characters in a post and credit them to users without having to jump through hoops

Post types

Every game runs in their own way, but Nova has historically forced everyone into a single way of posting. Post types open up the possibilities for customizing your writing experience to be exactly what you want for your game.

Customize for your game

Turn defaults on and off or create your own post types suited to your game

Control access

Require a specific access role in order to be able to write a type of post

Choose your fields

Pick which fields you want in a certain post type and whether it's required

Notify: yes or no

Granular control over which post types send notifications to users

Include in post tracking

Determine whether a post type should be included in stats

Choose author types

Choose whether a post can be multi-author, character only, or user only

Ranks 2.0

We've heard from people over the years how difficult ranks are to manage in Nova. We listened and have re-built ranks from the ground up to be easy to work with and incredibly flexible for all types of games.

Group ranks

Organize similar ranks together for easier searching and selecting

Re-use basic info

Easily manage and select the rank's name when managing a rank

Multiple image support

Ranks can be composed of base and overlay images for more flexibilty

Live previews

Preview what your new rank looks like in realtime as you build it

Easy duplication

Copy an entire rank group and change the base image in a couple of clicks

Users & Characters

Users and characters are at the heart of Nova and we've worked hard to improve the experience and provide more creative flexibility moving forward.

Create new users

Admins can create new users without needing to use the join form

Multi-user character ownership

Allow multiple users to own and manage the same character

Character creation controls

More flexibility around who can create characters and what requires approval

Application review

The entire applicant review process on a single screen

Default role(s)

Pick which role(s) are assigned to all new users by default

And much more...

Mobile support

Do everything from your phone or tablet that you would at your computer

Dark mode

Choose between light and dark mode for the admin interface

Easy color customization

Change the different colors Nova uses for the admin interface

Lightning quick navigation

Move around Nova without taking your hands off the keyboard

Personal notes

Store your story ideas, personal notes, or scratchpad inside of Nova

More notification options

Choose to get your notifications by email or inside of Nova

Discord integration

Send some of your game's notifications directly to your Discord server

Tips & tricks

Helpful tips and tricks are included on many pages