Painless RPG management

With an easy-to-use interface, integrated posting system, a wide array of developer tools and much more, Nova is all you need to stop managing your game and get back to playing it.

Powerful RPG management features

Simplify your RPG management with features and tools that will let you stop managing your game and start playing it again.

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All-in-one website
A dedicated website with all of your content lets you easily show off your game to the world.
Easy character management
Manage all of your game's characters in one place and let players take ownership of the characters they play.
Tell your stories
An integrated story and posting system gives you and your players the freedom to tell your game's stories.
Post locking
Post locking intelligently locks and unlocks multi-author posts to help prevent your changes being overwritten.
Get valuable insights into activity, posting levels, and even forecasting game activity for the rest of the month.
Customize your way
Change the way your site looks or works with tools to customize things any way you want.

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