Built by Anodyne Productions, Nova is the premier RPG management software. With an easy-to-use interface, a built-in mini-wiki, vastly improved messaging and posting systems, a wide array of developer tools and much more, Nova is all you need to help you stop managing your game and get back to playing it.


Post Locking

Frustrated when an update you just made to a post gets wiped out because someone else was editing at the same time? No more. Never have your changes overwritten with a smart post locking system that locks and unlocks multi-author posts during editing.

Say Anything

Site messages in Nova can now contain previously disallowed HTML content meaning that just about anything you want to share can be done from right inside Nova without having to touch any files. Just copy and paste your code into the message!


Search through all your content to find what you're looking for.


Lots of customization options with powerful developer tools.


Collaborate with other users through a simple built-in wiki.


Get what you want from users through customizable forms.

New in Nova 2.7

Word counting
Mission posts and personal logs will now count words in the content of the entry. This includes a counter on those fields as well as incorporating into sim stats for current and previous month as well as sim historical totals. You'll also notice reading time estimates when viewing a post or log.
Default skin refreshes
Nova's default skins (Pulsar and Titan) were starting to show their age and it was long-past time to give them a facelift. The goal was to make them feel more modern, but still retain their essence which has been around since Nova's first release.
PHP 8 compatability
With PHP 7 officially ending support recently, we've made big updates to ensure Nova 2 will work with PHP 8. This change also updates the minimum PHP version to 7.4 for version 2.7.


To begin, select your game's genre and click download to get the latest version of Nova 2. If you want to download a previous version, you can select the version you want from the dropdown. You can use the same zip archive for a fresh install, upgrade from Nova 1, or updating Nova 2.

Nova 2.7 requires additional steps in order to work as intended. Please see the Nova 2.7 Update Guide for more information.

Nova 2.6 requires additional steps in order to work as intended. Please see the Nova 2.6 Update Guide for more information.

Nova 2.7 requires PHP 7.4 or higher. Nova 2.5 and 2.6 require PHP 5.3 or higher. Nova 2.3 will work on PHP 5.2. Nova 3 will require PHP 8 or higher.