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Requires Nova 2.7

This extension provides a summary text box for long mission posts. A TL;DR Extension.



Nova 2.7
This add-on may work with Nova 2.7, but members of the community haven’t confirmed

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Mission Post Summary - A Nova Extension

This extension provides a summary text field for long mission posts. A TL;DR Extension.

This extension requires:

Upgrade Considerations

  • If upgrading Nova 2.6+ with this Nove Extension already deployed:
  • Remove $config['extensions']['enabled'][] = 'nova_ext_mission_post_summary'; from application/config/extensions.php prior to the Nova upgrade.
  • After upgrading Nova to 2.7.5+, follow the installation steps below. The database tables still contain your data


  • Install Required Extensions.
  • Copy the entire directory into applications/extensions/nova_ext_mission_post_summary.
  • Add the following to application/config/extensions.php: - Be sure the jquery line appears before nova_ext_mission_post_summary
$config['extensions']['enabled'][] = 'nova_ext_mission_post_summary';

Setup Using Admin Panel

  • Navigate to your Admin Control Panel
  • Choose Mission Post Summary under Manage Extensions
  • Create Database Columns by clicking "Create Column" for each column. Once all columns are added, the message "All expected columns found in the database" will appear.

Installation is now complete!


  • Create or Edit a mission.
  • Check Summary Field Enable.
  • Enter other values as normal.
  • Click submit.

Labels and Configuration

The admin control panel for this extension allows the admin to change:

  • Labels to suit your games.
  • Enable or disable including the summary field in post emails.
  • The Number of lines to show in the text box when authoring a mission post. Default 5.


If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, please report it on GitHub in the issue tracker here:


Copyright (c) 2023 Reece Savage.

This module is open-source software licensed under the MIT License. The full text of the license may be found in the LICENSE file.


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