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Founded in 2005, Anodyne Productions was the definition of the the idiom "necessity is the mother of invention." Born out of a need for an easy-to-use and powerful tool to manage online RPGs, Anodyne Productions opened its doors with the SIMM Management System (SMS), a tool to help game masters spend less time managing the game and more time playing it. Over the last 9 years, Anodyne has delivered premier RPG management tools, first for Star Trek RPGs with SMS, and now for RPGs of all kinds with Nova.

Our mission is simple: provide products of the highest quality. That's been the driving force behind our efforts since the day we opened our doors; we don't just want to meet your expectations for powerful and easy-to-use web software, we want to exceed it.

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Nova 2.3.2

Nova is an easy-to-use and powerful RPG management system to help you manage your online RPG so you can get back to playing it.

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Looking for a new skin for your sim? Need a MOD to do something special? AnodyneXtras is your one-stop-shop for all Nova content.

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Everything from how to do something in Nova to skin requests and much more can be answered by our knowledgeable community members.

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Latest News

Nova NextGen: Ranks Redux Jan 25 2015

The chorus of mumbled cursings toward the rank system in Nova haven't gone unnoticed. For years, I've looked to address the problem, but every idea was either A) too tough to implement, B) even more complicated than the current system, or C) not flexible enough for the various situations it...

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Nova NextGen: Access Control Jan 22 2015

Access control is always one of those topics that people are either really excited to hear about or bored out of their mind hearing about, so I won't spend too much time on it. The fact is that access control plays a huge part in a system like Nova NextGen....

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Nova NextGen: Manifests Jan 19 2015

Everyone seems to want to do something a little different with their manifest, but how do you give people the freedom to quickly and easily change that information? It's a tough problem to solve, but I think the answer lies in another piece of software: Microsoft SharePoint.

Wait, what?


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Nova NextGen: Application Review Center Jan 16 2015

The Application Review Center (ARC) is easily one of the biggest features of Nova NextGen.

Up until now, application review has been a chore that required multiple emails/private messages between several players to come up with a decision about whether an applicant should be accepted to the game. Some RPGs...

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Nova NextGen: Site Themes Jan 13 2015

When I talked about the pain points of major versions, most people probably jumped right to the look and feel of their sites. (Like I mentioned before, the term "skins" is being retired in favor of the more appropriate "themes" term.) After all, SMS and Nova have gone through major...

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Whether it's a question about an issue you're having, getting help with putting the finishing touches on your skin, or working through the development of your MOD, we've have several options for you to get the help you need with any of our products:

The Forums
Our forums are the primary way to get help with any of our products. You can also use the forums to ask questions, get direction, and talk with other members of the community. (Requires registration)
We're happy to answer questions over email, but the best place to get help is on the forums. Not only is it quicker for us to help you that way, but it also benefits other members of the community that may be having similar issues or someone who may come along several months from now with the same issue.
Twitter & Facebook
Feel free to post on our wall or send us a tweet with any issues you may be having. The best place to get help will still be the forums, but if you've got a quick question, we're happy to answer it through social media.