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Founded in 2005, Anodyne Productions was the definition of the the idiom "necessity is the mother of invention." Born out of a need for an easy-to-use and powerful tool to manage online RPGs, Anodyne Productions opened its doors with the SIMM Management System (SMS), a tool to help game masters spend less time managing the game and more time playing it. Over the last 15 years, Anodyne has delivered premier RPG management tools, first for Star Trek RPGs with SMS, and now for RPGs of all kinds with Nova.

Our mission is simple: provide products of the highest quality. That's been the driving force behind our efforts since the day we opened our doors; we don't just want to meet your expectations for powerful and easy-to-use web software, we want to exceed it.

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Nova 2.6.1

Nova is an easy-to-use and powerful RPG management system to help you manage your online RPG so you can get back to playing it.

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Looking for a new skin for your sim? Need a MOD to do something special? AnodyneXtras is your one-stop-shop for all Nova content.

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Everything from how to do something in Nova to skin requests and much more can be answered by our knowledgeable community members.

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If you're having an issue with one of our products, this is the first place to look. We've compiled FAQs and more in a simple, searchable site!

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Latest News

Nova 2.4 Aug 07 2015

Nova 2.4 is now available and offers a brand new email class that wraps around the robust Swiftmailer library. Moving to Swiftmailer offers Nova a much more robust email system than CodeIgniter's built-in library and should help with delivery problems when trying to use a third-party SMTP email delivery service...

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Nova NextGen: What's Next? Feb 12 2015

So everything that's been outlined over the last 6 weeks is all well and good, but the obvious question now is when?

I've never publicly announced hard deadlines, and I'm not going to start now. There are a lot of things going on at the moment. The Anodyne Help Center...

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Nova NextGen: Trimming the Fat Feb 09 2015

Now for the tough part. In the process of looking at Nova, it was clear that there are things in the core that shouldn't be there. That isn't to say those things don't get used, but they're ancillary to what I believe the core function of Nova should be. I've...

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Nova NextGen: Developers Feb 06 2015


In the early days of SMS, the community was thriving and constantly building new little things and distributing them on the forums. As SMS and then Nova become more full-featured, the community stopped contributing to the point of stagnation. As you'll see in the next entry, there are...

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Nova NextGen: Storytelling Feb 03 2015

This is what Nova NextGen is all about: storytelling.

Missions, mission groups, mission posts, personal logs, and news items all need to change (spoiler alert: they're all going away). There's no context in missions (and never really has been). The structure that Nova imposes makes it tough to think outside...

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Get Help

Whether it's a question about an issue you're having, getting help with putting the finishing touches on your skin, or working through the development of your MOD, we've have several options for you to get the help you need with any of our products:

Anodyne Help Center
We've spent a great deal of time building an extensive knowledge base in the new Anodyne Help Center. From the Help Center, you can search through the wide array of help articles about all of our products and get the help you need.
The Forums
Our forums are the primary way to get help with any of our products. You can also use the forums to ask questions, get direction, and talk with other members of the community. (Requires registration)
We're happy to answer questions over email, but the best place to get help is on the forums. Not only is it quicker for us to help you that way, but it also benefits other members of the community that may be having similar issues or someone who may come along several months from now with the same issue.
Twitter & Facebook
Feel free to post on our wall or send us a tweet with any issues you may be having. The best place to get help will still be the forums, but if you've got a quick question, we're happy to answer it through social media.