1. PNPC Icon (Revisited)


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PNPC Icon (Revisited)

Version 1.4


5.0 out of 5 stars
Requires Nova 2.7

This relatively simple mod adds some additional logic into the personnel controller to detect when an NPC is associated to a user account. When this is the case, it changes the icon assigned to that character on the manifest.

It also has some additional logic in there for pulling up the user ID, in order to display the name of that player's main character.

Note: This does not create a new user class. These characters are still NPCs; this just allows the crew manifest page to change the icon for linked characters and display a little more data.



Nova 2.7
This add-on may work with Nova 2.7, but there aren’t enough members of the community that have confirmed

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Install instructions

  1. Download and unzip the archive file.
  2. On your site, rename /application/controllers/Personnel.php to Personnel.php.bak
  3. On your site, rename /application/models/Characters_model.php to Characters_model.php.bak
  4. Upload the application directory to the root of your site.

The default behavior is to change the image for the character from combadge_npc.png to combadge_pnpc.png, in addition to the full name of the player's main character.

Additional steps for customization:

To toggle the the name of the player's main character on or off:

  1. Open /application/views/_base_override/main/pages/personnel_index.php, and on line 2, change the $show_primary variable.
  2. set it to "true" for on, and "false" for off. (Do not include quotes)

To toggle between displaying the full primary character name, or last name only (when player's main character name is toggled on):

  1. Open /application/views/_base_override/main/pages/personnel_index.php, and on line 3, change the $full_primary_name variable.
  2. Set it to "true" for full, and "false" for last name only. (Do not include quotes)

NOTE: If you have already modified the following files, you must incorporate these changes into those files, instead of renaming, or overwriting them. To do this, you must compare the code, and merge the changes together.

  1. /application/views/_base_override/main/personnel_index.php
  2. /application/controllers/Personnel.php
  3. /application/models/Character_model.php

Release notes

Fixed a bug that caused PNPC icons to be misaligned on the manifest page.

Upgrade instructions

If you are upgrading from a previous version, and have modified the file in step 1 below, see the notes about modified files in the install instructions. Otherwise, follow the instructions below to upgrade.

  1. On your site, rename /application/views/_base_override/main/pages/personnel_index.php to personnel_index.php.bak
  2. From this download, extract and upload /application/views/_base_override/pages/personnel_index.php to the same location on your site.
  3. Enjoy!

Add-on credits

Mod credit goes to it's original author, Jonathan (

Using a version of Nova that's earlier than 2.7.0? Check out the original mod, "PNPC Icon"


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5 out of 5 stars

This is one of my favorite mods. Thanks Jason for updating this!