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Nova 2

Ship_2 -- Red

Version 2.1


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Ship_2 is a skin based on the Pulsar Nova 1 skin with a header of ships or stars or anything else you can imagine. Included are headers for Andromeda, DND, Stargate, Trek, and BSG. It is in tones of red, however it is available in gold and blue, as well.



Nova 2.7
This add-on may work with Nova 2.7, but members of the community haven’t confirmed
Nova 2.6
This add-on may work with Nova 2.6, but members of the community haven’t confirmed

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Install instructions

NOTE: The skin folder MUST be named ship_2

  1. Check that the files are in the proper folder. You should have folders called admin, login, main and wiki. If you do not, something is wrong and you need to contact me asap. My email may be found in the yml file.

  2. Go into the headers folder and choose your header.

  3. Name it headerbg.png

  4. Copy and paste it into the following folders: admin/images main/images wiki/images

It must be named headerbg.png If it overwrites another header, that is fine.

Now you need to upload the skin to your site.

  1. Open your FTP program.

  2. Go to your site in your FTP program. You should see folders called applications and nova. Go into the applications folder.

  3. You should see a bunch of new subfolders. One at the bottom should be views. Go into views.

  4. You should now see all the skins on your site.
    On the side of your FTP program that shows your computer, go to the folder where the Ship_2 skin is located.

  5. Drag the ship_2 folder from the side of your computer, to the side with the skins. Make sure your mouse does not touch one of the other skins. That will place the Ship_2 skin in that other skin. Try to aim for the files below the skins.

  6. Now that it is uploaded, you must now name it properly. It must be named ship_2 or it will not work. All lower case.

  7. Log into your Nova site.

  8. Under Site Management on the side menu, go to Skin Catalogue.

  9. Now you should see the skin Ship_2 with an Install button on the same line. Click the button.

You're done!

Release notes

1.0 Created the skin 1.1 Fixed some bugs 2.0 Edited it for Nova 2 2.1 Fixed it so the buttons are soft gradient only, and edited the messages so the colors are truer.


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