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Yorktown Blue

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The Yorktown Blue skin was originally crafted for the USS Yorktown of Horizon Fleet. The dual header images were later simplified into a single image to allow easier customisation when distributed to those requesting the skin for other sites. It used Titan 2.0 as a base skin.



Nova 2.7
This add-on may work with Nova 2.7, but members of the community haven’t confirmed
Nova 2.6
This add-on may work with Nova 2.6, but members of the community haven’t confirmed

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Simply upload the yorktown folder to the /application/views directory of your Nova install. To customize the header of Yorktown Blue 1.1, simply create an image with the dimensions of at least 460 pixels wide by 250 pixels tall, name it name.png and put it in the _global folder, overwriting the existing image. The skin will automatically add the image for all sections. The .PSD file for the default name image is included in the skin download files. It has included in it a sample of the background for the header section - this background layer should be left transparent/not visible when saving the file. To use the included font to maintain the look of the text, you will need to copy the font file to the fonts directory of your computer (on Windows; C:\Windows\Fonts) before opening your image editor.


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