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This is my new Serenity skin. It includes a number of mods: First, is my old infobox mod, updated to include some new improvements. Second, is a modified version of Wolfie's Manifest Picture and Card Layout mod, with an extra bit to allow it to work on the chain of command page also. Third, is something new for this skin, which changes the behaviour of the logged in controls. With this mod, rather than using an icon next to the label or image to denote an unread message or post, the image itself changes.

The skin also reduces duplication. If you want to change the styles of a skin, you now only need to modify the skin.css folder in the _global folder, and the changes will be reflected across all sections of the site. An overrides folder exists in each skin section area to define styles that only apply to that skin section.

I have versions of the skin that I can provide that lack either the infobox mod or the manifest card mod for those who want the skin but not those mods. I also have a version that lacks both of these modifications.

Note: for both the infobox and manifest image mods, it works best for images that are either square or tall. Wide images tend to leave blank space at the bottom of the display.



Nova 2.7
This add-on may work with Nova 2.7, but members of the community haven’t confirmed
Nova 2.6
This add-on may work with Nova 2.6, but members of the community haven’t confirmed

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Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file and extract it to your computer.
  2. Upload the files and folders to your /application/ directory. The structure to place each file in the correct place is already present.
  3. Log in to your site and go to Skin catalogue. Click 'Install' next to the notice that the Serenity skin is ready to install.

Release notes

  • 1.0 - First version
  • 1.1 - Included missing /helpers/panel_helper.php file
  • 1.2 - Updated infobox mod to latest version

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